If a building makes us light up, it is not because we see order; any row of file cabinets is ordered. What we recognize and love is the same kind of pattern we see in every face, the pattern of our own life form.

The same principles apply to buildings that apply to mollusks, birds, or trees. Architecture is the play of patterns derived from nature and ourselves.

Jonathan Hale


G. Roger Clements, AIBD

    Appropriateness may not be the first word that comes to mind when searching for a designer, but it’s a concept worth pondering. What is appropriate when adding a wing to a small Victorian cottage? --or when constructing an elegant carriage house for 15 vintage automobiles? From modest & contextual to theatrical & grand, G. Roger Clements understands that each project—and every client—has its own individual character and requirements.

     As the founder & principal of Sasqua Designs, LLC  Roger insures the individuality of each project is maintained and expressed in every aspect of his work. Roger brings an artist’s sensitivity to his designs as well as an engineer’s understanding of process.  A fine arts major in college, he headed such technically demanding businesses as a sculptural bronze foundry and short-line railroad before founding Sasqua Associates, LLC, twenty years ago.

    Roger moved east to Lyme, Conn., in 1998, a refugee from Fairfield County’s surging  ‘bigger means better’ sensibility. Now, living across the road from the farm fields you see occasionally on our web site, he is slowly renovating a modest 1850's Shoe and Bootmaker's house. When not involved with any number of other distractions, Roger usually can be found working beneath one of his vintage cars, rebuilding old furniture in the yellow barn, or creating prints on his etching press.


April Posson
April manages the office here in Lyme. She brings order to the seemingly never ending stream of paperwork that flows through our office.
Toni Cunningham
Toni handles the incoming mail for us and takes care of all our billing. She has been with us for around ninteen years and continues to offer us a "home away from home" in the Westport/Fairfield area.