The realization of a building is the whole point of the undertaking. But the conspicuous and sometimes dramatic operations at the site are the culmination, the end-product, of a great deal of prior planning. Moreover, much unapparent but indispensable activity continues to transpire during the fabrication of the building, both at the site and elsewhere.

"Building Contstruction Before
Mechanization" - John Fitchem

A wine store in New York City which started life as a newsreel theatre and had become a photoshop by the time we got the project. The vaulted ceiling had heating pipes and electrical conduit running through it and all of the wall surfaces had been covered up with shelves and sheetrock. This project was part archeology, part restoration and part adaptive reuse and involved dealing with at least half a dozen decision making bodies along the way.
Nobody had built a sports medicine store before so this is what we thought one should look like.