This is sort of a study of my continuing journey back into the world of intaglio printing which I left when I graduated College many years ago.


This is the first print I have pulled in 38 years.

One of the barns at Ashlawn Farms, which is just down the street, blew down rather dramatically one day. There were a number of discussions about stabilizing and saving the structure, which was a favorite of local artists, but it deconstructed itself before we could take action. Hence the somewhat self accusatory title “TOO LATE”

5" x 7"


This little print is of an old Diehl fan that sits on the dresser in my bedroom. It started with more space to the left but saner minds prevailed and I cut the plate down and added the sandpaper texture for this final state.

2" x 3 3/8"


This plate started the “TEAR DOWN” series and is of a nice old Victorian in upstate New York which was being torn down, along with two others, to make room for a Fast Stop Food Mart. It probably have been called Too Late as well but seemed to merit a more violent title.

5” x 7”


This is the second “TEAR DOWN” print and is a picture one of the large number of old buildings coming down in Westport, CT to make room for some mostly characterless and often quite inappropriately large, houses. This is my first attempt a softground texture in many years and while not an unqualified success was yet another step back along the etching trail.

5” x 7”


I caved in to the urge to experiment with Plein Air work with this plate which was mostly drawn on site and then was subjected to some additional line work with a bit of drypointing after the fact. It was fun but it proved that it certainly wouldn’t hurt me to try again…. and again… and…

5” x 7”