"Mr CLEMENTS is an Architectural Designer that has owned his own building design and drafting business for the past 26 years.

Prior to this the artist has taught art and architectural at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, CT for ten years.

Prior to Greens Farms, Guy operated a Sculptural Bronze studio with Gib Singleton in Wilton, CT.

Mr. Clements is a Fine Arts graduator from Knox Collage and has studied at the University of Besancon in France and studied at Harvard from time to time."



CATABANKS AUTO CO.    Is the first of my automotive series and had it's insporation drawn from a garage in Tucson, AZ that existed in the 1900's amalgamated with pieces of a Gas Station in Haldane, IL and assorted details from around the country that ammused me.

No Specific Site

4 ft.6 in W x 2 ft.10 in. H at a “scale” of 1” = 1’.

It projects 5” from the wall.

Maquette # 24



This panel is part of the Dudley Building that was built in 1928.

The store sits right on the Main Street in Old Saybrook, CT.

The Saybrook Hardware Store has occupied this space for over 80 years.

Most of the details were inspired from the original altho’ I used a bit of license with some items such as the snow shovels, which are a bit out of season in the painting (flowers and lawn food??) and also hints a bit to Duchamp.

Another nude seems to have made the usual presence but is relatively modest.


2 ‘-4’ W x 2’-7 ½” H. at a “scale” of 1” = 1’.

It projects 6 ¼” from the wall.

Maquette # 22



The Swallow Side Car factory was inspired by the original Jaguar Factory back 1922. The building was already old. All of the signage on the side of the house (With the exception of the FAT sign on the sign, which was at least in the right location) was at one point or another on the side of the building. The legible signage in this paining has photographical documentation. (The figure in the window does not, nor is she FAT, however..)

The car up front is an interpretation of a 1933 SS1 and may have stopped by at any point but , as you can see by the original low doors, was not produced at this factory.

The true “Jaguarist” can find three different photographs of this building documented during 3 different eras which were the inspiration of my interpretation.

Blackpool, England

2 ft. x 3.5 ft. at a “scale” of 1” = 1’.

It projects 5 ¼” from the wall.

Maquette # 27


WOODIE’SThe inspiration of this little barber’s shop comes from some more pictures of the medium format negatives I developed while I was living in Galesburg, IL.  I can’t remember too much about the picture itself except the city, that it was probably around 1968 or ’69 and the approximate time of day and that it was probably heading “Eastish” on that morning.  To this date this picture is the smallest oil painting Maquette to date.

Galesburg, IL

1’-8” W x 1‘-2” H at a “scale” of 1” = 1’.

It projects 5” from the wall.

Maquette # 20


SUNBEAM I found this building when wandering through the “web” looking for information about the early Sunbeam motorcars. I thought this building was fascinating. It turned out to be in Australia around 1911. I was curious about the big hastily hung up sign and what it might be covering it. About some weeks later in one of my research exercises, low and behold, I found a copy of the very same building in Adelaide but labeled the McGhie Motor Co. in stead of Barnes Auto Co.

Adelaide, Australia

1’-8 ½” H x 2’-8” W at a “scale” of 1” = 1’.

It projects 5” from the wall.

Maquette # 29





These little “Artitechtural” works purposely toy with the boundary between two dimensions and three dimensions.

While my bigger efforts are fabricated mostly wood and metal, wrapped together with a traditional canvas format with classic oil paints, the little works (approximately ¼” = 1”-0”) are framed and are made of paper and mat board.

I made the frames around these little pieces out of previous used cedar that I milled from old trim boards. They seemed to fit the nature of my work. Oil them, paint them or leave as they are.

I hope you enjoy them.


LEONARD’S or THE WHITE ROSE BAR” This wonderful façade is one of those things that are long now gone. This Mini-Maquette was inspired by a picture that was taken by a picture in the 1960’s.

 Whitehall Street, Brooklyn, NY,

13 X 20 Framed

M-M #3

$ 450

STORAGE BARN  I took the original photograph on a trip through Ravenna, Ohio about half a dozen years ago. I went there because my Grandfather (Guy Roger Clements) had been born in Ravenna and that I thought it was necessary to stop as I passed by on the Interstate.

This building called to me because it has just the seedy appeal that I love.

Ravenna, OH

17 X 15 Framed

M-M #11

$ 375

RUSSO’S REALITY Apparently the Russo people were in the midst of a fight over the Notary status.  This picture was inspired by a photograph that was taken in 2008. I guess this proves that exhilarant signing is still alive in some areas. For better or for worst.

Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY

18 X 16 Framed

M-M #4

$ 430

MAIN’S CAFE  I took this from two photographs that I shot in Galesburg, Ill. in the 1960’s. I allowed the Maquette part to flow from the paper that it was drawn on (in?). The sketches that I drew on the right were the pieces that went into the 3D parts before I assembled them. I think the originally stack probably stood behind “Main’s” but it seemed so much a part of the design I included it but thought I’d let a bit of space be emphasized.

Galesburg, IL

13 3/8” X 17 3/8” Framed

M-M #9

$ 325

WALKER’S or WALKER EVAN’S STUDIO” This Mini-Maquette was inspired by a picture that the great Photographer took prior to rebuilding his shed into a studio. If you look carefully in my rendition you can see the shadows of the later studio windows as well as the hint of the later lower roof line.

Old Lyme, CT inspiration from information recorded from around the 1940’s

9 X10 Framed

M-M #7


HEIDI’S or FINDERS KEEPERS” is a classic “antique store” in the classic vein. You’ll never know what may lurk behind those doors.

Old Saybrook, CT, Current

12 X 19 Framed

M-M #5




376 is GONE 

This little building used to stand on Bank Street. At one point this building housed the New London Fruit& Produce business but at the time shown in this picture it had a small Bar at the time (as well?) and was “Gone” by 1975.

Bank Street, New London CT

14 X 16 Framed

M-M # 16

$ 300 SOLD

mini-MAQUETTES found in the archives